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Welcome to Distinction’s “Giving Back” Campaign.  Distinction’s owner, Berta, is deeply committed to the fight against breast cancer and lung disease as it has personally touched the lives of many she loves including her mother; Juanita, sister; Page, aunt; Sharon and closest friend; Pam.  Distinction has joined the fight against breast cancer and lung disease by donating a percentage of all proceeds to non-profit organizations working to find a cure.



     A note from Distinction’s owner, Berta…


“In the spring of 2004, my mother and best friend were both diagnosed with breast cancer within two weeks of one another.  My mother was in Minnesota and my best friend in California.  Their surgeries to remove the tumors were only 36 hours apart.  After flying back and forth to be with each at their surgery and accompanying them to many of their chemotherapy and radiation treatments for months to come; I was left both deeply moved by their amazing spirit during this difficult time and highly motivated to do my part to fight against this disease that affects so many women.  I remember how I felt each time I would sit in the treatment centers with my mother and friend and look around me at the immeasurable amount of courage and strength exuding from those receiving their treatments.  It was then that I established the “Giving Back” campaign.  I wanted to both honor these individuals and to share my profits with the organizations that fight against breast cancer, and also lung disease in which my sister Page has been battling for over 15 years.    I wish to honor the many individuals impacted by breast cancer and lung disease and to remember those that have unfortunately lost their battle, by sharing their stories on this tribute page.  I most sincerely hope this tribute page can be used by others to honor and remember their loved ones whose lives have been impacted by these illnesses.”


If you are interested in honoring someone who has been affected by breast cancer or lung disease, please send an email to givingback@shopdistinction.com   We would be happy to add them to our tribute page. 


Please Note: Donations from Distinction’s “Giving Back” campaign are derived solely from the profits of Distinction.  No donation or purchase is required to honor a loved one who has been impacted by breast cancer or lung disease on this page. 


Distinction would like to honor and remember the following individuals impacted by breast cancer or lung disease.  Their courage, strength and spirit are an inspiration to us all.

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